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3 Dusty hair color looks that are built to last

2018 has been all about embracing untraditional hair colors. More and more people are opting to try out unique colors as they are no longer being seen as unprofessional or too out there, which is amazing news! If you have been thinking of trying out a different shade but don’t want anything too drastic, but want something a bit more unique than the super popular pastel hair trend, you are going to love the dusty hair trend!

Dusty Hair

Dusty hair is a fun way to play with color but the muted, ashy tones keep it from being too intense. This is why our SoColor Cult line is perfect! We have gorgeous shades to choose from and they come in a variety of formulas so you can choose between semi, demi, and permanent color depending on the look you’re going for!

Our SoColor Cult range is the first color line to offer a Cera-Oil conditioning complex and with demi, semi, and permanent to choose from you can decide how long you want your color to last!  With these colors your hair gets the ultimate vibrancy as well as superior conditioning.

Here is a look at our dusty color options. No matter what look you’re going for, we have the perfect shade for you!


Dusty Purple

If you’re going for something that is more on the trendy side, you will love our “Dusty Purple” shade. This ashy purple is major color trend at the moment and is going to get a ton of likes on Instagram!


Dusty Teal

If you want to achieve mermaid hair that has a slightly edgy feel to it, you’re going to be obsessed with our “Dusty Teal” shade! It is a more subtle, grungier take on the bold mermaid trend but we promise it is equally as pretty!


Dusty Blue

If you’re looking for more of a grungy look, our “Dusty Blue” is the perfect shade for you! It channels serious ‘90s rocker vibes and will have you turning heads!

And because you can choose how long you want your color to last, this fun trend doesn’t have to be a huge commitment, unless you want it to be! Which shade will you try first?

Colour can whisper, color can talk, color can roar!

Find these products at a professional Matrix salon near you and make sure they are part of the #SOCOLORCULT. Will you join us?

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