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5 Summer Hair Care Tips


Summer is a time to soak up the sun and enjoying the warm weather. However, humidity, heat and swimming pool chemicals may get in the way of that, especially for your hair. Here are a few tips to keep your hair healthy and as you embrace the summer skies and fun times.

1- Swap in a hydrating shampoo and conditioner. 

The main cause of unhealthy hair is dry hair causing brittleness and extra damage. To help combat that, try our Hydrasource Shampoo & Conditioner for that added moisture.

2- Use a hair mask once a week.

Lock in all those nutrients and to add even more moisture. Keep your hair healthy with the HydraSource Deep Treatment pack.

3- Protect your hair from the sun, sea and sand.

The sun, pool chemicals or ocean minerals can damage your hair. Try using a protecting spray such as our All-In-One Spray with all the added benefits your hair needs.

4- Try no-heat hairstyles.

Stay away from hot tools and add texture to your hair with no-heat hairstyles such as braiding your hair to create wavy results. The All-In-One Coconut Infusion Multi-Benefit Spray doubles up as a heat protectant while also smoothing out your frizz.

5- Avoid frizzy hair by applying an oil serum. 

Our SmoothProof Serum will help fight frizz on those hot and humid summer days.


1- Spritz the AirDry Glotion before braiding your hair for soft smooth beachy waves! 

2- Always wash your hair after a day at the pool or beach. Make sure to follow up with the Deep Treatment Packs to cleanse all the chlorine or salt from your hair and revitalize your hair with the moisture it needs.

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