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8 Things you need to know about Bond Ultim8

Bond Ultim8 package Matrix

1. 8 Benefits in 1

Proven to  reduce breakage by 70%, Bond Ultim8 prevents bond breakage during the chemical hair process and protects the bonds over time. 

As professional stylists, we want to keep our client's hair integrity in mind. We are now able to deliver healthy hair without limits.


Before and After MAtrix Bond Ultimate Pink hair

Here are the 8 Benefits:

1. Helps protects bonds during lightening

2. Helps prevent breakage

3. Adds flexibility

4. Boosts hydration

5. Renews smoothness 

6. Adds softness

7. Increases shine

8. Hair looks healthier

Matrix Bond Ultim8 step 1 color process hair protection

2. No coloration reformulation necssary

You heard that right. You don't have to change your formulas! Use the same  formulas you already know and love and just add Bond Ultim8's Step 1 Amplifier into either color or lightener. This will help prevent breakage during the chemical treatment.

3. No additional processing time

Bond Ultim8 is made to be super effective and super simple without hindering your usual coloration technique. Just add Bond Ultim8 and everything else stay the same, even your processing time.
Matrix DareToHair Bond Ultim8 lifestyle purple hair surfer

4. Guaranteed performance with Matrix color products

We guarantee the best results when combined with Matrix products. Bond Ultim8 was formulated to work with Matrix Color & Lighteners.
Matrix DareToHair Bond Ultim8 lifestyle purple hair surfer

5. Ability to push color further

Push your color to new limits. Go blonder than ever without fear of damage.  Get bold color, no matter how dark your natural color is.  Be more than brunette. Get healthier-looking, refined, envy-worthy hair. Take your coverage up a notch by adding suppleness and movement. Repair existing damage for stronger, healthier hair, all them time. Repair while you gloss for ultra-shiny, ultra-strong hair.

6. Ability to process more often


Alex Chabot, Canadian Matrix Artist

"Now I can repair bonds and push the boundaries with 8 incredible benefits. There will be no limit for your creativity. Bond Ultim8 is the solution for changing 

your color as often as you feel."

Bond Ultimate Package Matrix

7. Comprehensive range from back bar to retail

In Salon you will have the amplifier and sealer for the back bar service. These are clearly defined as your step 1 and 2 to protect and prevent bond breakage. For retail, there is a weekly sealing tratment that perfects fibers and provides additional nourishment at home, following the in-salon Bond Ultim8 service.
Alex Chabot Matrix Canadian Global Artistic Director

8. Trusted by Matrix Global Colorists

Read what our Matrix Ambassadors from Canada have to say: 

Julio Rodriguez: "Bond Ultim8 8 take it to the next level. For absolutely every scenario, it leaves the hair stronger, shinier, softer and more manageable without changes to my formulas. That's what I consider an incredible asset. Matrix and Bond Ultim8 = beautiful and long-lasting vibrant hair color!"  

Heidi Kenney:“Bond Ultim8 is a game changer. I use it in all my color applications including Colorinsider. The fact that I can work without using a higher volume developer is a huge plus. When prelightening, the lift is there without taking 2-3 times longer or reapplying. It is important to follow manufacturer’s instructions."

Caroline Robitaille:”As a colorist, the most important thing for me is the integrity of the hair. The performance of Bond Ultim8 is instantly noticeable. It is also simple to use, and ensures healthy coloration while nourishing the hair fiber deeply. It is a jewel to add to all our favorite formulas. I fell in love with Bond Ultim8 and so did my clients!”

Damaged-Hair Matrix Trends Strengthening- Red-Hair

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