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9 Hairstyle Ideas for Every Valentine Date

Valentine's day hair ideas
Valentine’s Day is nearly here. Got plans? Whether you’re stepping out with your SO, snuggling up with your sweetie or celebrating singlehood with your girls, V-day is not the occasion for everyday hair. Pay homage to that cutie Cupid by putting as much thought into your ‘do as your outfit—regardless of whether the dress code is glam or casual! Here are five V-Day scenarios, along with 9 hairstyle ideas for each one!

Dinner and the Theater

This promises to be a major night, second only to New Year’s Eve. Whether you’re long-time marrieds or still in the fascinating-and-new phase, he’s going all out for this Valentine’s Day date. Since he probably spent close to a thousand bucks, you need to look like a million bucks! (Consider: what if this is the night he decides to put a ring on it? You’ll want to look amazing in the photos.)

If you have medium or long hair: The Arm-Candy Blowout

Did you know your stylist—the one who works miracles with her shears and hair color brushes—is also a whiz with a blow dryer? So why not spring for a trip to her styling chair so she can do you up right for this big, big night? If you decide to go the DIY route, be sure to prep your hair with a good blow-out cream while it’s damp to fight frizz and help provide all-night-long hold. Take your time—use a round brush and work in small sections, bottom to top, to ensure blow-out perfection.

matrix hair short polished pixie cut

If you have short hair: Polished Pixie

Sleek and shiny with volume—that should be your goal. So even though you probably just do the wash-and-go thing most days with your cute crop, tonight’s the night to step it up. Apply a moldable styling paste to your damp hair. Create a deep side part and direct the sides and back down with a vent styling brush and your blow dryer. On the top sections, switch to a round brush and twirl small sections around the brush as you blow-dry, simultaneously lifting your hair at the roots for volume.

Takeout and Netflix

Ok so you and your love are sensible. You know those fancy places hike up the prices for surf and turf on Feb. 14, so you’re going to be smart and save your pennies. But it’s still a special night, so dust the living room, light some candles and serve the egg rolls on real plates. Also, stow the sweatpants and lose the weeknight scrunchie.

messy bun matrix hair

If you have medium or long hair: Messy Bun

Who says you can’t look sexy in the glow of a romantic Walking Dead binge? The secret to a successfully tousled, messy bun is texture. If your hair is too silky or soft, start by roughing it up with a texturizing spray.  Then gather it all in a high ponytail and secure with a rubber band. Wind the tail around the rubber band and pin the bun in place with a bunch of bobby pins. Now for the important part—loosen everything up and pull out a few skinny hairs here and there to suggest the major hair-messing to come!

tousled curls matrix hair

If you have short hair: Tousled Curls

Plan ahead by doing your two-strand twist the night of Feb. 13, so when you wake up on V-Day and unfurl your hair, your curls will be perfect. Before the delivery guy arrives with the pizza, lift each side and secure with a few bobby pins for a sexy, half updo…then slip into something silky!

Galentine Night Out

Date, schmate—you don’t need a guy to have fun. In fact to be honest, you always enjoy hanging out with the girlfriends who get you, and who’ve got you no matter what, more than just about any other type of evening.

super sleek matrix hair

If you have long, medium, or short hair: Super Sleek

A sleek, flawless curtain of hair tells the world you have everything under control—including your tresses. Straight, smooth hair is, in a word, fierce. So regardless of whether you rock a short crop, a mid-length lob or hair to there, hit it with a really effective heat protection spray, then break out the flat iron. Pin up all but the bottom section, and run the iron over teeny, tiny sections. Keep going, bottom to top, until your style is glassy, glossy, pin straight and ferocious.

Ice Skate Date

Heavy holiday meals—chocolate-covered strawberries, molten lava cake, gooey

cheeses--aren’t really your jam. You and your honey prefer a more active V-Day—one that burns calories rather than stores them. That’s why you’re planning to hit the ice skating rink before tucking into a healthy Valentine’s supper.

side braid matrix hair

If you have long hair: Low, Loose Side Braid.

Because…a hat. So the goal is to look feminine, cute and casual while avoiding frostbite. Any type of side pony, twist or braid does the trick. Simply bring all of your hair to one side, choose a braid (french braid, dutch braid, fishtail braid etc.) and form it loosely, starting well below your hair. Secure the ends with an elastic, then go back and pull it apart a bit to expand the shape. Finally, loosen a few tendrils to frame your face.
unfussy matrix hair

If you have medium or short hair: Unfussy

Your hair has to move with you on this date, so don’t worry about keeping every strand in place. Add loads of styling wax or paste, plus a root-booster, to create volume and piece-y texture. Finish with a soft-hold hairspray that will tame flyaways without leaving your hair icky, sticky.

Your BFF’s V-Day Wedding

The two of you have been planning her wedding since third grade—she always knew she would walk down the aisle on (or around) Feb. 14. Of course you’re the maid of honor and of course, just like her, the affair will be elegant and romantic.

soft glam waves matrix hair

If you have medium or long hair: Soft, Glam Waves

With waves like this you’ll never go wrong. Hit the salon for some balayage highlights before the big day to bring your hair color to life. To create this graceful shape, use a large curling iron to “set” your hair. Spray sections with a soft hairspray, then wind them around the iron, slide the iron out with the curl intact and clip each curl to your head. Once your hair cools, release the clips and brush through with a cushioned styling brush. 

-lengths and ends with pale highlights around the face.

big bling hair

For any length hair (especially short): Big With Bling

There are so many creative ways to dress up your hair. A sparkly headband is always perfect for a formal affair. Before donning a bedazzled accessory, aim high! Apply a volumizing spray and dry your hair up and away from your face. Once dry, use a teeny comb to backcomb the roots, then mist with firm hold hairspray.

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