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Hair Color is the new makeup

Hair is the new makeup: Color Melting by Matrix

Let’s face it: out of winter, spring, summer, fall and the 52 fashion micro season in the year, great hair is always in style. Lately, many self-proclaimed gurus are focused on contour and conceal. But am I the only one dreading the full hour morning beauty routine of packing on the powder? It was only a couple days ago as I was drowning in the sea of nude lipsticks trying to figure out a beauty routine of least resistance, I turned to Instagram’s #mermaidhair and #unicornhair for guidanceI then proceeded to go back to basic and focused on my hair and I swear ladies, I’ve never received more compliments in my life! 

Don’t take your hair for granted. It is a 24/7 staple of your personality no matter what look you’re going for. Sure, people put a lot importance on their makeup routine to enhance their beauty, but there’s one essential part of your overall look and that’s your hair. Case closed. Can I get a #HairGoals?


Color Melting Trend hair

In the world of beauty, makeup is to face as hair color is to hair. Just like makeup, the perfect hair color can enhance your beauty tenfold (without the dreaded hour of removing it all). With its versatility and multi-tonality, hair color is the ultimate creative expression of oneself. From balayage, to strobing to bold colors, hair color is a beautiful, versatile and effortless way to express yourself and it can be switched up as often as your makeup.

That being said, look no further. Matrix SoColor has breathtaking new shades and tools coming up to inspire stylists to create your perfect signature look. Bring out you colorful personality in your own way, done by a pro. This year, HAIR IS THE NEW MAKEUP. Let’s be honest here, for envy-worthy hair you need to think outside of the color box. You need the help of a pro. 

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Author: Gabrielle Malvar

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