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How To Recycle Effectively

Best Ways to Recycle Beauty Products: At Home and the Salon

When it comes to recycling food packaging in the kitchen, most of us have it down pat. Though when we are recycling our hair care products, we may have to think on it a bit more as they’re a little trickier to recycle.

Why you should recycle

Plastic waste is a continuing problem that is speeding up the trajectory of global warming and climate change. In 2016, only 50% of all plastic bottles are collected for recycling according to the Plastic Soup Foundation. The more devastating fact is that only 7% of those collected bottles are used towards new bottles. The biggest issue is that those who collect the recycled goods must sell their plastics on the market in competition with virgin plastic. By putting in our best effort to recycle, the goal is to have fewer recyclable products in landfills and more of it to be repurposed. 

Consumer tips to recycling your hair care products:

- Check on your local recycling guidelines since many local authorities have different rules for recycling. Figure out what you can and cannot recycle by going on your local authority’s website. 

- Make sure you are washing your containers before you put them in the recycling. It matters significantly as it lowers the value of how well it will recycle and therefore is harder to sell the finished recycled product. Moreover, labels should be taken off if possible as the adhesive on these labels are not sometimes recyclable.

- Be careful of certain items like pumps on shampoo bottles or droppers since they are made up of many materials put together. Pumps have a small spring on the inside and therefore if is best to remove the pump before recycling.

- Change your buying habits to selectively choosing quality long-lasting products. Buying fewer products ultimately will be the most sustainable option and choosing sustainable packaged products is the way to go. Here at Biolage, our US bottles are made from 95% PCR (Post -Consumer Recycled) plastic but we are still on a journey for continuous improvement.

- If it cannot be recycled, upcycle it! For example, our HydraSource Conditioning Balm 16.9 Fl oz container can be repurposed as a planter.

Salon pro recycling tips beyond disposing of your bottles properly:

- Buy recycling trashcans and place them next to the regular trashcans.

- Recycled hair can be used for oil spills and contaminated storm drains.

- Switch out paper business cards & retail bags to 100 percent postconsumer recycled paper.

- Use foils that are made of recyclable materials

- For recycling tips beyond disposing of your bottles properly:

- For every container brought back to the salon, apply a discount to your client’s next product purchase.

- Never throw away old computers, electronics, or rechargeable products such as clippers.


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