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6 Mistakes That Ruin your Hair in Winter

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For many people, winter is synonymous with dry, brittle, tired strands. But what if the cold season wasn’t the sole reason behind your dull mane? Yup, it’s time to take some of the blame. Here are six common faux pas that wreak havoc on your hair in winter.

  1. You forget to adapt your hair routine.

The cold weather and indoor heating can really be challenging for your mane. To keep it healthy and frizz free, it is important to use richer, more nourishing products that will help close your hair cuticle, and seal in moisture. Opt for shampoos and conditioners that contain natural ingredients, and plenty of vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids. For example, the Biolage R.A.W. collection of natural origin haircare products, which are free of sulfates, silicones, parabens, and artificial colorants.

Expert tip:

Apply a hair mask while you soak in the tub. The heat and steam from the water will help increase the effectiveness of the product’s ingredients, which will in turn penetrate deeper into the hair fibre. We recommend the Biolage R.A.W. Re-Hydrate Mask, made with shea butter and Moroccan lava clay to deep condition dry, dull hair.

  1. You wash your hair too frequently.

By washing your strands too often, you eliminate the sebum and natural oils that are essential to keeping it healthy. The result? Your scalp is weakened and your mane gets dry. Ideally, you’d space out washings as much as possible to keep your hair healthy: experts recommend washing once or twice a week. However, how often you wash depends on your lifestyle. For example, if you love to work out or if you swim a lot, you might need to wash your hair more often. The best way to avoid having to shampoo constantly? A cute bun and a few spritzes of Style Link Play Back Dry Shampoo. Its mineral formula absorbs oil and impurities to help refresh and energize your hair.

  1. You don’t clean your hair adequately.  

If you’re only going to wash your hair once or twice a week, you’ll want to make sure you’re doing it right. Opt for clarifying shampoos and conditioners, like the ones from the Biolage R.A.W. line. These products give your strands a deep cleanse, freeing them of built-up waxes, silicones, or styling product residues, as well as eliminating lime scale and chlorine deposits. In short, by using these types of products, your hair will be perfectly clean and won’t get oily as fast!

  1. You ignore your split ends.

The golden rule: prevention is better than cure! There are two things to do to help keep your strands from splitting and getting frayed: 1) Get your hair cut every eight weeks, to help keep it healthy and easy to manage, making it less prone to breakage. 2) Keep split ends at bay by using a beautifying and protective treatment such as the Total Results Miracle Creator. Why we love it? It offers 20 benefits in a single bottle: on top of protecting your hair from external aggressors, it also helps prevent split ends, moisturizes and untangles hair, protects it from hot styling tools, eliminates frizz… and more!

  1. You neglect your scalp.

Not sure how to care for this oft-forgotten part of your head? With frequent head massages! All year round, head massages help stimulate microcirculation and promote scalp oxygenation. In the end, hair that breathes more will be healthier—shinier, softer, and silkier. Bonus: as well as pampering your scalp, head massages can also eliminate stress and help you relax. Yes!

  1. You overuse your hair dryer.

Moderation looks so much better! News flash: hot styling tools damage your hair. Your Gigi Hadid-style hairdo comes at a price and your hair knows it, too. Heat causes your hair cuticle to deteriorate, which in turn makes your strands dehydrated and frizzy. But what if you can’t live without your dryer?

Expert tips

  • Try to space out its use as much as possible.

  • Before blasting your mane with heat, use a heat protectant such as the Style Link Heat Buffer spray, which can protect your hair at temperatures up to 232°C.

  • After your shower, get rid of as much water as you can by gently wringing out your strands. Be careful not to rub your scalp or hair, which could cause irritation and that dreaded frizz.

  • Finish blow-drying by blasting cold air onto your hair, which will help close its cuticle.

Ladies (and gentlemen), you are now ready to face winter head on!

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