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Maintain Your Blonde

Blonde hair is a major hair trend right now. Whether its platinum blonde locks, blonde highlights, or even balayage, blonde is everywhere right now!

A Blonde How To Survival Guide:

That being said, blonde hair is more high maintenance than any other colour. Expert stylist Pamela Walmsley says "blondes should be getting touch ups more often than any other hair colour. Full head colours should be touched up every 3-5 weeks whereas highlights can go a little longer. Toner touch ups on balayage should be done every 8 weeks or as needed".

The last thing you want is for your gorgeous blonde locks to start looking dull and brassy after just a few weeks though. This used to be a major concern, but thanks to the Brass Off collection, you can keep your blonde looking its best until your next salon visit!

The Brass Off collection is made up of a shampoo, conditioner, and a leave-in cream that all work together to neutralize unwanted brassy tones. So, you can fearlessly rock blonde hair whenever you want without fear of it turning brassy!

The Brass Off Shampoo deposits blue-violet pigments to your hair to reduce those pesky brassy tones. The shampoo can be washed out immediately or else Pamela also suggests "leaving it in for a few minutes to maximize the toning for really brassy hair or to create/maintain the super ashy trend that is popular now".

The Brass Off Conditioner is a non-colour depositing formula that works to retain the cool tones in your hair while hydrating it at the same time. Adding blonde to your hair can be drying, so this formula is the perfect way to reverse the drying effect that blonde can have on your hair.

Last but not least, the Brass Off Threesome is a leave-in cream that smooths your hair as well as protects its colour. Expert stylist Caroline Verreault says “the blowout cream is perfect to protect your hair against heat, continues to control the underlying pigment, and leave the hair lightweight and perfect for days”.

You can now go blonde without having to worry about going brassy in between visits, which is an amazing thing!

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