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My mom was the backbone of my family. She keeps us all together. She is very witty & clever and also very loving. She is a great role model to me and I look up to her constantly. I honestly don’t know how she did it all with 4 kids! She’s a super-mom.

Sterling Williams

My Mum

My mother has taught me to stand up and be independent, to always look on the bright side.
If we all sat around feeling sorry for ourselves we would never achieve. So stand up and dust your self off and try again. My mum lives in Australia and i am here in canada but we speak all the time thank god for technology.

Love you Mum 

Tania Easton

This is my beautiful mother, Christine Coombs .

To say she has been my biggest supporter and fan in my life. She has always stood by me and help pick up the pieces when life has gotten hard along the way.
Even when others had doubts in what I set my mind to do she always stood by cheering from the side lines hoping for the best .
When I came out gay to my parents my mom never bat an eye lash and has been a big supporter for the LGBTQ part of me and always loved attending events that would celebrate my lifestyle. I love my mother with all my heart and I couldn't have asked for a better woman to help guide me through this game of life.
She is so strong, brave and she has  sacrificed so much in life so that her children could live a better life . She is truly a remarkable woman and I would be lost without her ❤. 

Randy Coombs

My wonderful mother, Marguerita, has inspired my work ethic. She is such an amazingly hard working woman who wears her heart on her sleeve and will always be there to help out anyone. She never gives up and always sees the good in everyone.

Francine Benoît

My mom Dolores van Ree 

Has told me to work hard for what you want in life as it never gives you anything for free. I've been working since I was 12 years old and have bought my condo when I was 25, I am very happy and proud of these accomplishments. 
My mom is always up for doing crazy adventurous with me from going shopping, cleaning out house too helping move multiple times .
In this picture we went to a (mother's Day) military event on base, a day in royalty, we had so much fun and love to get to wear our fascinators. 

Ken-Dall Salter

I am inspired by my mother-in-Law after marriage there is a lots of changes & responsibilities in your life. She has always motivated me to follow my passion and dream which is working for the L’Oreal brand while she helped us out taking care of our kids and always been behind me to do what I love best and I am very thankful for such a mother,I am so blessed thank you for everything.Happy Mother’s Day love you.

Ruchi Bibra

My Mother has influenced my life in so many ways. In this picture she traveled with me to support and cheer me on when I received an award as a Master Judge.

She is the best Mom for so many reasons, her smile and laugh are infectious. 
Her heart is the biggest!! She is extremely companionate and loves me unconditionally. 
She is so intelligent and taught me so many life skills.
She is always there for me.
I can never completely express how amazing my 
Mom is and how much I love her, she has shaped me into the woman I am today. I Love you M💜M!!
Leanne McKay


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