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My Stylist Totally Gets me


My friend recently approached me for my salon recommendations. As a frequent salon hopper, she’s looking for that one places that will produce her signature bob every time. Here’s the problem, her visits to these salons are never satisfactory despite her perfect haircut. Why? Because getting your haircut is more than the end result; it is the complete experience with your stylist

My Matrix stylist is MY stylist. She not only knows my tastes but understands my current needs. She easily adapts to my current mood whether I’m pressed for time, feeling daring or in need of a little quiet pampering. I trust my stylist in a way that I feel comfortable during the entire process in addition to knowing I’ll leave the salon looking my best. Communication is in both directions, I’m never afraid to speak my mind during the session and she’s not afraid to recommend new colors and hairstyles. It goes without saying, once you’ve been with your Matrix stylist for as long as I have, your hair game will constantly be on point.

Disclaimer: Matrix stylists are not telepathic, but with a little communication, they’ll totally get you. 

Written by: GM
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