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Our commitments to sustainability

At Biolage, sustainability is an Everyday Promise

MANUFACTURING: Our primary manufacturing facility in the US, is powered by renewable energy, committed to reduce water consumption and waste to landfills year over year.

PACKAGING: Our bottles are over 90% PCR (Post Consumer Resin) plastic and we aim at achieving 100% by 2022.

A BETTER FUTURE FOR ALL: Since 1990 the brand has been committed to research and implement more sustainable solutions. Today more than ever we invest in green chemistry for our formulations and sustainable practices at every step of the product development.

Our Manufacturing Pledge

From the beginning we are not wasteful. In fact, 80% of our portfolio is made in three main factories spanning from Burgos, Spain to Florence, Kentucky. All our products are produced through responsible manufacturing. With constant efforts to minimize their impact, our primary facilities are earth-friendly and utilize renewable energy.

Our Plastic Pledge

Minimizing our plastic impact is a priority. Each bottle uses the highest amount of recycled plastic possible, while we continue to research which plastics are being used and from where they come. Since 2015, every bottle has been 95% PCR.

Our ingredients

INGREDIENT APPROACH: Our ingredients are chosen carefully, traceability, and transparency on what and why each ingredient is picked is always the priority.

ENVIRONMENTAL FORMULA STANDARDS: The shampoos in the portfolio are held to a minimum of 85% biodegradable, and we are committed to continuously evaluating every formula to ensure each ingredient is held to the latest environmental standard.

STANDARD OF PERFORMANCE: Performance is the priority, and the feel of your hair is the most important result. From the foam to the conditioning to the shine and movement, balancing our ingredients for the perfect Biolage experience is the standard.

THE FOOTPRINT OF THE FORMULAS: Every aspect of the formula is measured before going into production to ensure that the water and energy being used to manufacture it is not wasteful.

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