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The 2nd Generation of R.A.W. is Here!

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At Biolage we`ve crafted potent formulas from natural origin for uncrompromised, healthy-hair results

Real. Authentic. Wholesome.

The R.A.W. Collection from Biolage recently got a makeover! The already incredible range of natural origin hair care is now even better for your hair! This lineup consists of our most natural formulas ever so you can feel great about using them on your hair.

You can still get all of your favourite vegan shampoos and conditioners; they just now have a thicker texture, a nice mild lather, and a longer lasting fragrance! Your hair will feel even softer and more flexible now.

Each product is formulated with three unique conditioning agents: guar seeds which act as a natural origin conditioning polymer, a mushroom derived natural thickener, and coconut which provides your hair with natural emollients.

The products are still free of parabens, sulphates, and artificial colourants. There is also something for every hair type!

If you have dry or dull hair, our Nourish Shampoo, Conditioner, and Re-Hydrate Mask are going to be perfect for you. This trio works to give you soft, shiny, healthy looking locks! If you have stressed, sensitized hair, our Recover Shampoo, Conditioner, and Re-Hab Clay Mask is the collection for you. These three work to replenish your hair and restore its shine! If you have flat, fine hair, our Uplift Shampoo, Conditioner, and Re-Bodify Clay Mask is just what you need. These products work to purify your hair and give it more volume! And, if you are looking to protect your colour treated hair, our Color Care Shampoo, Conditioner, and Heat Styling Primer is perfect for you! These three products work to to rebalance your colour treated hair's pH level and enhances your hair's vibrancy through washes!

You’re going to love the enhanced in-shower experience these new formulas provide as they truly feel nourishing and luxurious on your hair. I chatted with Professional Stylist Pamela Walmsley who is a big fan of the R.A.W. line. She loves “having a natural product that actually feels like it’s cleaning my hair”. Pamela also mentions that the “added emollients make it so you really feel the difference when you’re shampooing your hair. No more dry feeling strands in the shower. Now, you get moisturized strands from the first step”!

The new formulas are definitely something to get excited about! You can now get clean, shiny, healthy hair with minimal ingredients which is a pretty big deal. Which formula will you try first?


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