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Expert Tips: The 5 Best Kept Secrets from Matrix

When hunting for holy grail products, it’s always a good idea to ask an expert. Caroline Verreault, Matrix Education Leader for Quebec and the Maritimes, shares five Matrix products she couldn’t do without. Grab a pen and paper!

1. For supersized volume that lasts: High Amplify Wonder Boost

This spray, which has been around for as long as Vavoom, is a proven winner. Apply it on damp hair at the roots. Then, simply dry your hair using a brush, and voilà! 

Results: Long-lasting volume without that crunchy feeling most products leave behind.  

Bonus: Wonder Boost is a favourite among curly-haired gals who are looking for even more volume. It can also be used as a heat protectant! 

2. For cutting your blow-dry time in half: Brass Off Blonde Threesome 

Brass Off is a true revolution for coloured hair! Why? Because the shampoo, conditioner and cream trio help keep blonde hair from turning yellow, brown, or orange. 

Result: The styling cream is also hydrating, which is perfect for dry, bleached hair, because it strengthens and protects your strands. Plus, all you need is a dollop of product to reap its benefits.  

Bonus: The cream cuts drying time in half (really!), and adds exceptional shine. 

3. To finally bid dry hair “goodbye”: Biolage 3Butter Control System Day Cream 

This day cream’s formula contains three types of butter to target unruly hair (read: dry, rough, or frizzy). 

Result: Softer, more manageable hair that is also much shinier. 

Bonus: Apply it to damp hair (lengths and ends), but you can also to use it for touch-ups in the morning to keep your hair hydrated. 

4. For a single spray that does everything: Miracle Creator 

Among its 20 benefits, here are Caroline’s favourites: it protects your hair against heat from hot tools, UV rays, frizz, and static. Use it on damp hair when you come out of the shower.  

Result: Caroline doesn’t hesitate to say that “it’s the product of the year: a must-have item. You can take it anywhere— it’s a classic in the making!” 

Bonus: It is neither greasy, nor heavy, nor too moisturizing. 

5. To detangle and add shine to fine hair: Biolage SugarShine Illuminating Mist 

This bi-phase solution hydrates, detangles, and adds shine to hair without weighing it down. 

Result: One spritz is all you need, and it leaves a delicious citrus scent on your strands. 

Bonus: It also protects against the heat from styling tools, without leaving hair sticky like some other heat protectant products. What is your favourite Matrix product? To find the product of your dreams, ask one of our professionals for help. 

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