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Treat Your Strands to The New Generation of R.A.W.

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R.A.W. has a new vegan family member in town to give your hair the care it deserves! Our new Color Care range is our most natural recipe yet so you can feel good about these products. With new and improved formulas, our new collection of products will give your hair brilliant shine as well as protect your hair's vibrancy through washes!

Real. Authentic. Wholesome.

You may be asking yourself why a natural origin or vegan formula is something you should try. If so, there are a ton of great reasons to make the switch! Natural origin and/or vegan formulas are both great for the overall condition of your hair as well as for the environment. Not only that, but the products work extremely well without adding chemicals to your beauty routine!

I briefly chatted with Professional Stylist Pamela Walmsley who is a big fan of the R.A.W. line. She loves knowing that these products are better for the environment since the line is both naturally sourced and respectful in all levels of manufacturing. Pamela also says “Having a natural product that actually feels like it’s cleaning my hair is fantastic. I’ve tried others that don’t foam or leave my hair feeling coated. I also love the minimal ingredient list!” and I couldn’t agree more! A formula that’s good for my hair as well as the environment and it actually works? Sign me up!

Our new formulas are thicker than before with a delicate floral fragrance and mild lather to improve your in-shower experience. Not only that, but each product is formulated with nourishing coconut milk and antioxidant rich meadowfoam to care for and condition your strands. These goodies will make your hair both look and feel its best!

So, what does our Color Care collection include?

R.A.W. Color Care Shampoo

Our shampoo works to gently rebalance colour treated hair's pH levels at home! Our shampoo’s vegan formula is up to 95% natural origin and contains no silicones, sulfates, or parabens. So, you can get healthy hair with a vibrant shine without compromise!

R.A.W. Color Care Conditioner

Our conditioner works alongside our shampoo to give your strands optimal results. It too contains no sulfates, silicones, or parabens and works to rebalance your colour treated hair's pH level. Our conditioner’s vegan formula is up to 98% natural origin and also works to enhance your hair's vibrancy through washes!

R.A.W. Heat Styling Primer

 Last but certainly not least, our heat styling primer works to ease blow-drying and styling while enhancing your hair's shape. You don't have to let styling tools ruin beautiful colour anymore! Our formula is up to 99% natural origin with no silicones, parabens, or sulfates and is a thermal defence for your locks when it comes to temperatures up to 450ºF. It's caring acid technology resurfaces hair fibers for an even, healthy texture and it gives your strands optimal colour reflectivity for added shine! This miracle worker doesn't just work on colour treated hair either, even those who don't have coloured hair can benefit from using our primer in their hair care routine as heat protection is something everyone's hair needs. Simply apply this to your damp hair to instantly reap the rewards!


What are you waiting for? Our Color Care collection includes our most down to earth formulas which also happen to be our most caring and conditioning yet. Plus, they'll protect your out-of-this-world colour! Treat your hair today!


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