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What Style is Right For Me?

Getting your hair done is often exciting, but also a little nerve-racking if you're looking to make a big change. With the arrival of spring, it's likely that you want to make a big change so we're sharing some of 2018's hottest hair trends to give you a little inspiration!

Haircut Trends

When it comes to choosing a haircut, your face shape is ultimately going to play the key factor in what's going to look good, so it's important to research which styles are best suited for yours. That being said, here are some trendy styles that will look incredible on everyone:

Curtain Bangs: this romantic style is less of a risk than traditional bangs since these ones are already starting to grow out. Plus, they can easily be pinned back on days when you don't want the look of bangs.

Bob: bobs are classic. Depending on the length, anyone can rock this super stylish cut!

Grown Out Pixie: pixie cuts were everywhere last year, so it only makes sense that we see a more grown out version this spring. This cool-girl look is easy to maintain as well, which is a bonus!

Hair Color Trends

When it comes to hair color, you have a lot of variety. This spring we are seeing lots of different trends, so whether you're looking for something super natural or want to play with color, there is something for you! Here are some of the season's hottest color trends:

Platinum Blonde: this was a huge colour trend last year that is showing no signs of slowing down. The super light color is perfect for the warmer weather and looks fun and fresh!

Marbling: this unique way to color hair looks different on everyone, which is really cool! Marbling is described as "using multiple layers of color & reflective tones to create a marbled pattern effect on the strands of hair instantly brings a beautiful, eye-catching "marbleized" contrast of color," by Chrystofer Benson. There are all sorts of different techniques to achieve this look and depending on the color palette you choose, the end results can be bold or subtle!

Chocolate Brown: this is another color popping up everywhere. It's a bit surprising considering lighter colors tend to be trending in the spring, but it's gorgeous nonetheless! It's super easy to maintain and adds warmth and dimension to your look effortlessly!

No matter which cut or color you decide to choose, it's important to book a salon visit. This will ensure you get the perfect cut for you, not to mention longer-lasting color results that are healthier for your hair!

Book your appointment today and revamp your look this season!

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