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When To Use Purple Shampoo

If you have blonde hair (natural or not) then you’re no stranger to brassy hair. The unfortunate downside to blonde hair is that over time it warms up and the result is unwanted brassy tones throughout your hair.

Luckily, this can be resolved by using a purple shampoo. Since purple cancels out yellow, a good purple shampoo will work to eliminate any unwanted brassy tones you have throughout your hair. So, when should you use purple shampoo? For your best results, you’ll want to start using one as soon as you leave the salon! This will ensure your hair doesn’t get the opportunity to go brassy. Instead, it will look salon fresh for far longer.

Are you in need of a good purple shampoo? If so, you’re in luck! We have some amazing products that will help you banish brass and get your best looking hair:

Our Brass Off Shampoo deposits blue-violet pigments to your hair to reduce those pesky brassy tones. There are couple of different ways to use this shampoo too, depending on what your hair needs. The purple shampoo can be washed out immediately or else expert stylist Pamela Walmsley suggests "leaving it in for a few minutes to maximize the toning for really brassy hair or to create/maintain the super ashy trend that is popular now". No matter how much TLC your blonde strands need, this purple shampoo is a must-have and will work on even the most stubborn brass.

We also have our matching Brass Off Conditioner which is a non-colour depositing formula that works to retain the cool tones in your hair while hydrating your strands at the same time. Adding blonde to your hair can be drying, so this formula is the perfect way to reverse the drying effect that blonde can have on your hair. Pairing the conditioner with the shampoo will ensure you get maximum results and the duo will keep your blonde locks looking their best from the first time you use the products!

And, if you need some serious help banishing unwanted brassy tones, you have to check out our Total Results Color Obsessed So Silver Shampoo. It works to neutralize brassy tones on both blonde and grey hair! This shampoo is a bit more intense than our Brass Off collection so you’ll need to wear gloves when applying it to your hair. The formula gets left on for 3-4 minutes and then gets rinsed out. It’s a bit more time consuming to use, but it really doesn’t take that much longer and you’re getting really impressive results! This one is perfect if you’ve had unwanted brass for a while and are looking for serious help.

If you’re a blondie, you need purple shampoo in your life! It is a total game changer and will give you your best looking blonde yet! They help tremendously with those pesky brassy undertones to give you salon fresh blonde long after your hair appointment!

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