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Revolutionary drops! Link Boosters with any STYLE LINK product for an instant boost.

Airy Builder

Lightweight separation and reworkable body for a tousled look.

Grip Definer

Lightweight grip for perfectly undone hair.

Play Back

Refreshes your hair by absorbing oil and impurities.

Heat Buffer

Heat protecting spray formula ensures your hair has a smooth and shiny finish free from heat damage.

Smooth Setter

Delivers a smooth, satin finish and does not weigh down hair for natural movement.

oVolume Builder

Volumizing hair mousse is your link to lightweight volume and body.

Matte Definer

Choppy texture and definition without buildup and delivers a matte finish with hold.

Over Achiever

Spreads like a cream, texturizes like a paste, holds like a wax.

Super Fixer

Strong hold with no stiffness, no flaking and allows for added structure and shine.

Height Riser

Instant volume and separation with shine and adds grip and targets roots, without dulling hair.

Style Fixer

Lasting hold and shine with an ultra dry finish.

Volume Fixer

Enhances support to voluminous hair styles with moveable texture and hold.

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