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Matrix Voices: Our Miracle Creators


We all have that special someone in our life who has made a lasting impact on us. By supporting us or helping us to grow, these people, as precious and inspiring as they are, need to be celebrated.

To celebrate the launch of Miracle Creator Multi-Tasking Hair Mask we asked our inspiring Matrix Ambassadors who the Miracle Creator was in each of their lives. It could be a family member, a hair stylist, a friend, or even a teacher.

Watch the short clip below to discover more! 


I’m often being asked who inspires me the most in the World of Drag. I always answer that Mado Lamotte, my stage grand-mother, is the one that taught me the most. When I am flipping through my old pictures from almost 15 years ago, I can say that she really is a Miracle Creator. She saw my potential, gave me advices, supported me. She really is my “Mommy”! “

- Rita Baga, Finalist on Canada’s Drag Race and Matrix Ambassador

Cassandra Masangkay

Ricci, my Miracle Creator! It’s been such a joy being able to witness her growth creatively. She is truly one of a kind and always makes everyone feel included and seen!”

Cassandra Masangkay, digital creator and Matrix Ambassador

Sarah Nurse

Huge shoutout to my mom for being the Miracle Creator in my life! She’s never been one to take any credit but definitely deserves the spotlight. She has always been my biggest supporter and encouraged me to be fearless especially growing up playing hockey with the boys. I am so grateful for mama Nurse and some of my fondest memories are sitting on the porch with her while she tried out new hairstyles on me.”

 - Sarah Nurse, Team Canada Olympic Hockey Player and Matrix Ambassador

Ricci Pamintuan

''My Miracle Creator would have to be Cass — She has a way of bringing things to life not only creatively but also in our friendship! Cassie also loves bringing people together to experience new and exciting things which inspires me to do the same!”

- Ricci Pamintuan, digital creator and Matrix Ambassador 

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