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Hair Damage Solutions Depending on How Damaged Your Hair Is

Hair damage is never fun, but surprisingly common. Most of us will likely encounter some form of hair damage in our lives but it's something that can be repaired with the right products! There are different degrees of hair damage though; so it is important to find out where your hair is on the spectrum in order to repair your strands effectively.

No matter how damaged your hair is the routine to repair your strands is similar. Professional Caroline Verreault says you want to “Prepare the surface of the hair, maintain the balance of the pH, and make sure you use the proper products for your daily routine”.

Wondering which products are right for repairing your hair? Here are some solutions depending on how damaged your hair is:

Surface Damage

Surface damage is caused by physical and heat damage. This is usually minimal damage that is relatively quick to repair.

How to repair surface damage: try our So Long Damage Shampoo. It acts at the cuticle level to seal hair. Since it doesn't repair hair from the inside out, it's perfect if you just have surface damage. The formula cleanses strands, boosts your hair's strength, reduces breakage, promotes healthy hair growth, and enhances shine all while repairing your hair!

Extreme Damage

Extreme damage is what happens to over-processed hair that has been through many chemical services (colouring, lightning, texture treatments).

How to repair extreme damage: try our Re-Bond collection. The trio works to internally repair your hair at the deepest level, prevent future damage, and repair physical bonds that break during chemical services.

The trio includes the Re-Bond Shampoo to cleanse your hair thoroughly and prime your hair for deep repair. The formula fortifies weakened, over-processed hair so it's stronger, smoother, and revitalized!

Next in the range is the Re-Bond Pre-Conditioner, which contains maleic acid and works to reinforce weakened bonds. This low maintenance treatment gets used just once per week and will help build resilience and boost hair's shine!

Last but not least is the Re-Bond Conditioner. Our conditioner contains a high level of taurine to seal in moisture and protect your strands from the inside out. The formula will create more resilience against future damage too!

No matter how damaged your hair is, there is always a solution to get your locks back to a healthy state - so go ahead and have fun with your hair!

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