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Hair Color: Fall’s 4 Hottest Hues

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This fall, hair colour is thumbing its nose at classic hues. Now is the time to veer away from tone-on-tone looks, and try adventurous and bold hair colours.

Vinyl Color Melting

Color melting is still in, but this season, you’ll see it in fall-inspired variations created with darker hues (see you later, pastels!), and super shiny finishes. 

 NEW: Always on trend, Matrix's Color Sync Vinyls, a collection of demi-permanent ammonia-free hair colours specially created for medium to dark hair. 

What is so special about this new dye? Its colour palette is so intense, rich, and pigmented that there is an artistic quality to it—making it ideal for color melting. Red, copper, blue, purple, or gold: whether you’re looking for a conservative or completely unconventional look, anything is possible with Color Sync Vinyls.


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In magazines, on the red carpet, and on runways: varying shades of red are stealing the spotlight this fall. The advantage of red highlights is that they look great on all women… as long as they have the confidence to pull them off. Whether worn in subtle touches or as an all-over look, red catches the eye, builds charisma, and gives you a mysterious je ne sais quoi. Sweet!


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Blue is a hot hue once again this fall. It’s been popular for over a year, but celestial strands remain just as desirable—if not even more. The difference is that this season, you’ll want to go all out. No more discrete highlights and light pastel hues: opt for a bright blue hue (with or without highlights) that covers the entirety of your mane. Subtlety? That’s so 2016!


At the Gucci, Versace, and Jeremy Scott fall-winter 2017-2018 runway shows, all eyes were on the models’ ultra-pigmented acid hair colours. This season, no matter your chosen hue—electric blue, vibrant pink, or canary yellow—go ahead and dare the flashiest one possible without restraint. Note: to be on trend, you’ll need healthy, shiny, and well-moisturized locks at all times. The faded, dried-out look is a big no-no!


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Looking for inspiration for your next hair makeover? Why not try a violet balayage? We love this trend because it is both original and easy to care for. And what can we say about violet, a versatile and feminine hue that works with almost any style and most eye colours and complexions? This hot look is so easy to pull off!

Ready for a hair makeover? Ensure yours is a successful transformation that meets your expectations by entrusting your mane to a hair colour professional! Here’s where to find one near you: 

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