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Coil Color Oil-Cream Developer - 30 Volume

Oil-Cream developer 30 volume for Coil Color permanent color

60% Oil Formula, Infused With Coconut Oil conditions hair to promote elasticity + preserve the curl definition. Ammonia-Free Oil-Infused System is Ideal for curly + coily hair and free of harsh odor. Oil-In-Cream Base in an Oil-rich delivery system efficiently penetrates fibers to evenly saturate curls for a uniform color result, even when straightened.

How to use

READ AND FOLLOW THE APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS. MIXING: Wear suitable disposable gloves. Mix 1:1 ratio (1.5 oz of COIL COLOR shade with 1.5 oz of Coil Color Oil-Cream Developer). Use exclusively with there recommended oxidants, 20V (6%) and 30V (9%). Use only the proportions indicated. APPLICATION AND TIMING: Wear suitable disposable gloves. Process at room temperature for 35 minutes. Do not use with metal tools (clips, combs..). Rinse hair well after processing time.