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3 No Blow-Dry Festival Looks to Try

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We know: you don’t always have the time (or energy!) to blow-dry your hair for an hour to achieve the perfect style. And to be honest, there is no need to. Here are three trendy looks for festival season that are super simple to pull off. Yup, you can create all three of the following styles without a hair dryer, curling iron, or any other hot tool, for that matter. It’s easy! The key is to use the right product on your damp tresses, follow our expert tips, and let your strands air dry. Here we go!

Frizz-free boho waves

The product: Matrix Air Dry Wild Boho Texturizing Cream

The method: The night before, apply the cream to your damp hair, and tie it into one or two loose braids to keep the waves as natural as possible. Let your hair air dry, or if you’re in a rush, use a diffuser to blow-dry your hair on low heat, sending the air downwards to avoid creating frizz. When you untie your braids, apply a bit of product on your fingertips and run them through your strands to help separate the waves and give your ends some shine.

Bonus: The Air Dry collection includes formulas that contain coconut oil to help eliminate frizz and add shine to your strands.

Festival braid

The product: Matrix Air Dry Chill Boho Smoothing Cream

The method: Work a quarter size amount of cream into your hair from ends to roots. Create one large loose braid. If you want, you can blow-dry your hair on low heat. Twist your braid into a bun right below the crown, and let your hair set for 15 minutes. Release your locks for some gorgeous waves. All that’s left is to create a half ponytail, which you can braid into a regular braid or fishtail.  

Bonus: Did you know that 7 people out of 10 don’t blow-dry their hair? That’s exactly why the Air Dry collection was created. It lets you style your hair without the need for a dryer!

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Perfect curls

The product: Matrix Air Dry Twisted Boho Curl Defrizzing Cream

The method: Apply the cream to damp hair, from roots to ends, twisting your strands into small spirals. Tip: delicately wrap each lock around your finger to sculpt it into a beautiful curl. Let your hair air dry, or dry it with a diffuser. Once your strands are dry, separate the curls with your fingers and reapply a bit of cream to the ends. For a more piece-y look, apply Over Achiever to the tips instead.

Bonus: Hair dryers and other hot styling tools can damage your hair in the long run. By using creams from the Air Dry collection, you’ll give your locks a well-deserved break, without sacrificing your style.

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