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3 Products for Gorgeous Hair at the Beach

There is no doubt that a beach vacation does a body (and soul!) good—but it can wreak havoc on your hair. No need to panic, though: to keep the cruel sun-sea-and-sand combo from turning your beautiful locks into a hair disaster, follow the advice of Caroline Verreault, Matrix Education Leader for Quebec and the Maritimes, and pack these three hair essentials.


Twenty benefits in a single formula? It’s no wonder the product is called “miracle creator”! This product deserves a choice spot in your suitcase. On top of repairing sun-, wind-, sand-, and salt water-damaged strands, it helps protect them against the elements. It also keeps breakage at bay, boosts shine, closes the hair cuticles, protects against outside aggressors, repairs split ends, controls frizz, and more.

Bonus: This leave-in treatment is suitable for all hair types and textures. And because it has multiple benefits, it helps you pare down your hair arsenal. Your luggage just got a whole lot lighter!

How to use it: Spritz it onto your hair, spread it out evenly using a comb, and style as usual.  


If you can only take one cream with you on your trip, this is the one. There are three different versions designed for three types of hair: Wild for a natural, tousled look, Chill for smooth, frizz-free locks, and Twisted for perfectly styled curls.

Bonus: These stylers were designed to work without hot tools. No hair dryer or flat iron required!

How to use it: Apply the cream to damp hair and let your strands air dry. That’s it! Simple and effective—just what’s needed when you’re travelling.


If you’ve got blonde locks, this little bottle will be your new best friend on your next trip down south. Why? On top of filling in porous hair fibre, it treats your ends, protects against UV rays, and helps calm frazzled hair thanks to camomile in its formula. The result: your colour stays bright at all times.

Bonus: It makes detangling easier—a huge help when you’re vacationing at the beach.

How to use it: Spritz it onto your towel-dried strands, and voilà! Don’t hesitate to use it over and over again. Your hair will thank you!


4 tips for caring for your hair in the sun

Using the right products is great. But pampering your strands by following these four tips is even better!

  1. Mission: hydration. Switch out your regular shampoo and conditioner for more nourishing versions. If your hair is coloured, it’s essential to use products that are specifically designed to preserve your colour, which the sun and salt water can cause to fade.
  2. Less is more. Your hair deserves a vacation, too! Leave your hot styling tools (hair dryer, flat iron, and any others) at home, and wear your hair au naturel. After a day at the beach, your dream waves will be easy to achieve.
  3. Chic cover-up. Hats and scarves are trendier than ever for 2018. Why not wear one when it’s bright and sunny out? It will help protect your strands and scalp, on top of making you look glamorous. It’s a win-win!
  4. Pamper your mane. To get your hair back into shape, book an appointment with your favourite stylist as soon as you get home from your vacation. He or she will whip up a special hair care routine to give your tresses a healthy boost. Even straw-like strands and flat locks won’t be able to resist.

To find the right products and book an appointment with a colour expert, find the Matrix salon nearest you.

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