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4 Tips for Sporting 2018’s Metallic Hair Trend

Dreaming of rose gold, platinum grey, or smoky lilac locks, but not sure where to start? Here is everything you need to know, complete with expert tips from Matrix professional development consultant Caroline Verreault.

1- Embrace the trend as much (or as little) as you like.

Caroline Verreault points out that “Anything goes, as long as you wear your colour with confidence!” Whether you opt for a few touches (rose gold highlights on blonde hair, or an ombré effect) or a full head (lilac mane, anyone?), the trend looks amazing… and not only on celebrities.

2- Try a touch of metallic, or dye your entire head.

Depending on the result you’re seeking and your base colour, you can go for different options:

  • For just a few touches of metallic: If you’re simply looking to add some pink or purple highlights, choose a demi-permanent colour like Matrix ColorSync. Smoky lilac, platinum grey, or rose gold—the choice is yours.
  • Good to know: This hair colour is ammonia free and full of ceramides, a protein that is naturally found in hair. When contained in a hair colour formula, the protein helps “refill” the hair and make it softer and silkier.
  • It’s the perfect option if your hair is already coloured, and you simply want to add a touch of metallic or create an ombré effect.  
  • For a full metallic effect: If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, why not go for violet mocha or rose gold? You’ll want to opt for a permanent colour like Matrix SoColor.
  • Good to know: This is a great choice if you have very dark hair.

3- Leave it to the pros.

Yes, hair does grow back. And of course, mistakes can be corrected. But if you consider your hair to be an important part of your look, it’s worth investing in a professional dye job.

Why you need a hair accomplice:

  • Metallic hues require a certain level of expertise and technical know-how.
  • Because there are infinite variations, a good hair colorist can help you achieve just the result you were hoping for.
  • Depending on your base colour and the state of your strands (notably how porous they are), the process can require several steps, calling for a true hair expert.

4- Pamper your metallic hair.

A great hair colour calls for the best products. At home, pamper your strands with hair care designed for coloured locks.

What to put on your wish list:

  • Step 3 of Bond Ultim8: This product was designed to nourish the hair fibre, prevent breakage and repair coloured strands.
  • A shampoo and conditioner for coloured hair, preferably without sulfates or parabens, like the ones from the Biolage Color Care RAW line.
  • A heat protectant product: hot styling tools can damage your hair… and your colour. So before using them, make sure to spray a heat protectant on your mane, like the Total Results Miracle Creator.

Ready to get in on the metallic trend?

Book an appointment with a hair colour expert, get the right products, and find the Matrix hair salon nearest you:

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