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Blondie Survival Guide

Blonde is a major hair trend now with summer fast approaching. Whether its platinum blonde locks, blonde highlights, or even balayage, blonde is everywhere right now! Blonde hair can be harder to maintain, but that doesn't have to scare you off. There are so many little things you can do to maintain your blonde and keep it from looking brassy this season.

Blonde Hair Guide 101: From One Blonde To Another

The biggest fear us blondes have is unwanted brass. Blonde hair has the tendency to get brassy as time goes on, but I've mastered some tips to keep mine looking fresh between colour services, and now you can too!

My biggest tip is to use a blue shampoo. The Brass Off Shampoo from Matrix is an Elle Top Choice Award Winner and deposits blue-violet pigments to your hair to reduce those pesky brassy tones. The shampoo can be washed out immediately or else it can also be left in for a few minutes to maximize the toning for really brassy hair or to create/maintain the super ashy trend that is popular now.

I also like to follow up with the rest of the Brass Off collection for optimal results! The Brass Off Conditioner is a non-colour depositing formula that works to retain the cool tones in your hair while hydrating it at the same time. Adding blonde to your hair can be drying, so this formula is the perfect way to reverse the drying effect that blonde can have on your hair. And, the Brass Off Threesome is a leave-in cream that smooths your hair as well as protects its colour. This blowout cream is the perfect way to protect your hair against heat, continue to control the underlying pigment, and leave your hair lightweight and perfect for days.

I also chatted with professional stylist Pamela Walmsley to see if she had some other tips that would help us maintain our blonde and she delivered!

Pamela confirmed that using a blue shampoo between colour services is the best thing you can do. She also suggested turning down your heat tools. Since adding blonde to your hair can be quite drying, the added heat only makes your hair more dry and in turn it can look more brassy. Pamela also recommends booking an appointment with your hair stylist between colour services to refresh your toner. This will keep your blonde looking flawless in between!

You can now go blonde without having to worry about going brassy in between visits, which is an amazing thing!

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