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Color Can Whisper, Color Can Talk, Color Can Roar

When it comes to colored hair it can often have a reputation for being permanent, bold, or even damaging. That can surely be the case when a dye job is done incorrectly, but with the right stylist your color has the ability to whisper, talk or even roar, depending on your personality! The key is to make sure your color is done correctly.

Expert stylist Pamela Walmsley points out that “at-home color is messy and is a one size fits most kind of idea” which proves that a salon appointment is going to give you your best results. She also says that “salon color is customized to suit not only you but it also addresses your specific needs”.

There are so many different dyes, colors, and techniques available in salons now to give you exactly what you want!

If you want your hair to whisper…

Subtle styles are classic and a great way to try color for the first time. You could opt for more natural colors here to brighten up your look with blonde highlights for example. Demi-permanent dyes are a great choice as they are rich and vibrant, but are a little less so than the semi-permanent dyes. Demi-permanent dye is perfect for those looking for a low maintenance look. Expert stylist Caroline Verreault points out that demi-permanent dye is "a good first foot in the door for color services" as it gives a "soft and more natural look"!

If you want your hair to talk…

Slightly bolder styles are fun and can still look natural. You could even decide to take your "whisper" up a notch if you love the results! Permanent dyes are a great choice if you know what you want out of your hair and want it to last!

If you want your hair to roar…

Bold and crazy styles can be a fun and easy way to change up your look! With it being summer, now is the perfect time to play with colour and semi-permanent dye is the way to go! Semi-permanent dye is going to give you a bright pop of color, which will really stand out. Caroline suggests semi-permanent dye is perfect for  those looking to try out fun trends such as pastels as there is no real commitment. Since the dye is sitting on the hair, it washes out faster than the other two options!


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