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Trend Alert: Bold Blue Hairstyles to Revamp Your Look

Matrix Blue hair trend alert

Whether you’ve been thinking about making a subtle or bold hair color change, the spring-summer season is the ideal time of year to refresh your look for the warmer days ahead. Taking balayage and ombre to the next level, color melting is no question one of the hottest hair color trends for 2017. What makes it unique? Unlike a two-toned ombre with more visible color lines, this technique moves colors gradually through each strand of hair with a soft brush, melting two or three shades into one another. The result? Absolutely no line demarcation for a seamless finish.

Celebrities, models and trendsetters have been rocking the look in a variety of colors, with blue being hands down one of our favorites. If you’re feeling adventurous enough to move beyond traditional black, blonde, brown or red hair, here are a few trending blue hairstyles for you to try.

Blue for everyone

Whether you’re going for a bold or angelic hairstyle, color melting allows you to be creative and experiment with different shades and tones of blue to achieve your dream look. If you’re the daring type of girl, try color melting a rich shade of blue with a vibrant turquoise, green or purple. If you’re going for a softer look, keep color tones and shades closer together. Try melting pastel shades of blue, pink, purple or grey – a fabulous angelic look for those with fair skin. Another of our favorite takes on the blue hair trend is denim hair. Similar to a pair of blue jeans that has gone through countless washes, it’s a softer and chalkier version of blue hair.

blue hair transformation

For an extra flair, you can add metallic hues and hints to your hair. The Matrix Holographic Color Melt collection proposes four ultra-iridescent and versatile hairstyles in mocha, rose gold, mermaid and opal.  The two latter are gorgeous options if you want to melt shades of blue with asymmetric colors for a bold and fashion-forward look.


The opal melt

Inspired by the colors of an opal stone, the opal melt is a combination of beautiful azure, pink, gold and emerald.


The mermaid melt

Similar to the inside of an oyster shell, this mermaid-inspired look melts from a natural shadow root into a vibrant pinkish violet, ocean blue and pearly silver.


Recreate your dream look today. Find your nearest Matrix salon  for the perfect hair color and cut.

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